Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass (work in progress)


In Heart of Glass two lost souls begin the journey of going home; JENNA CAPSHAW, escaping a London Brothel to America and a father she has never known. She hopes he will provide the safe haven she has longed for. And HEATH  NASH, home to England to finally put aside his rakish ways and assume a life of duty and responsibility.

On the way, their ship is overtaken by pirates. Marooned, they are thrust together to survive on a remote island. Battling hunger and the possibility of no rescue, the two begin to carve out a new and fragile home on the island.

But when help does arrive, and they are plunged into London society, they begin to feel the real danger and savagery exist not on their island, but in the drawing rooms of Mayfair. Will their fledgling love survive to find a home together in the civilized world?


1 Response to Heart of Glass

  1. Veronique says:

    Sounds good!!! Can’t wait.


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