The Dressmaker’s Duke

Best Historical (finalist)~ National Readers Choice Awards
Best First Book (finalist)~ National Readers Choice Awards
Best Historical (finalist)~ The Heart of Excellence
Best Historical (finalist)~ The Aspen Gold
Best First Book (finalist)~ The Golden Leaf

Praise for:

It is hard to believe that this is a debut novel because Mr. Russell weaves such a compelling and intensely emotional story with complex and flawed characters that I really cared about.
~ Rakes and Rascals *****

Just – Wow! I am in awe of this wonderful book. Everything worked for me – the characters, the plot, the conflicts, and a happy ever after that was sweet indeed. It’s hard to believe that this is a first book, it’s that good. This will be in my top ten books for this year. If you enjoy exciting, emotional stories with damaged heroes and heroines, this is the perfect one for you.
~ Long and Short Reviews *****

A wonderful story filled with passion, undeniable chemistry and love between an unlikely pair – a Duke and a dressmaker.
~A Tattered Copy *****

I fell in love with Olivia and Rhys instantly. This is one of my favorite love stories now. I can’t wait to reread this to experience it again. It was just that good.  Highly recommended.
~ Offbeat Vagabond *****

Russell does a great job balancing moving forward the romantic story, and keeping us just a little on edge waiting to find out what the FULL story of the character’s pasts.
~ Reading to Distraction *****

Mad for the Marquess (Rita Finalist)

JAMES DRAKE, Marquess of Devlin, has everything. He is heir to a duchy, possesses da Vinci-like brilliance, and is handsome as the devil. He is also shut up in a madhouse. His father, though desperate for an heir, will not leave the dukedom to a “drug addicted degenerate.” Dev has one year to recover his wits. The devils within his head are far easier to battle than the ones that surround him.

ANNE WINTON is sent to Ballencrieff from a charity school (there) or (where) she hopes to share her gifts of healing. She sheds her shy naiveté to immerse herself in “Lord Devil’s” tortured life, and vows to save him from his father, his brother—the perfect son—and especially from Lord Devlin, himself.

However, as Anne struggles to reconcile her fear and attraction for this complicated man, Devlin plots to use Anne as a pawn to extricate himself from his prison. Will his schemes fall to pieces as he begins to see her not just a means to an end, but as a beautifully passionate and caring woman? And will she ever forgive him?

Crazy for the Countess~

book 2 of the Reluctant Hearts series (a work in progress)

Haunted by the death of a young prostitute, NORA ST. JAMES, Countess of Havermere, wishes to devote her life to aiding fallen women. And now that her cruel husband has died, she finally has the means—and the freedom—to do so. Or so she thought. But in one final spiteful act the earl puts both Nora’s finances, and her freedom, in jeopardy. Nora will be all but penniless, unless she once again puts herself at the mercy of a man—either by selling salacious portraits of herself to the highest bidder, or, even worse, by remarrying.

Sick of civil war and death, Colonel FARREN CAVANAUGH travels to England hoping to mend fences with his estranged grandfather and to sort out the mystery of his missing brother who Farren believes is in England trying to find his natural daughter. His search leads directly to Nora.

Nora and Farren join forces to track down Farren’s mysterious niece, the link that might heal their broken hearts and forge them into a family. But Nora’s need for freedom drives a wedge between the two lovers.

When all seems lost, Nora must put her trust in Farren and learn that only through unconditional love lies true freedom. But her new-found understanding may come too late to save her fledgling family.


Daft for the Duke~

book 2 of the Reluctant Hearts series (a work in progress)

Featuring Opal Gardiner and Barton Wainwright.





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  1. marianne denning says:

    Just finished The Dressmaker’s Duke. Seriously one of the best romances I’ve ever read. Rhys hurt, but strong character is wonderful. Olivia is the woman we all want to be. Regardless of what life throws at her, she perseveres. Their love story is perfect. Thanks. Write more!!!


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