The Iceing on the Cake

The Icing on the Cake.

I thought the dress was finished. However, at my RWA chapter meeting where I was giving a talk on my sewing escapades, I asked my chapter mates if they thought the dress needed a sash or a belt. I gave them a few choices and they unanimously picked a simple cotton braid. (Fortunately, they have very good taste for, secretly, this was my pick as well.)

I tried several embellishments on the braid–wax flowers, pearls, brooches, but I ended up doing a simple, yet elegant bow.

So, this belt is the final bit of glitz for this gown. Hope you all approve!

belt 2 belt 1

The Dressmaker’s Duke is Still a BESTSELLER!

(I have to pinch myself occasionally.)

I have 39 reviews! (Yee Hah!) But I am greedy, and I want more!

My goal is to get 50 reviews by the 26th of Oct.

(The book will have been out a month on the 26th.)

~For those of you who have bought the book and reviewed it, a huge thank you.

~For those of you who have the book, but have not reviewed, I would love your honest feedback.

~For those of you who haven’t bought the book, please give it a shot! The ebook is now $4.61. Less than a Starbucks coffee. Many people who are not fans of romance have told me that they really enjoyed the book despite it being genre fiction. You might be one of those folks!

* Please don’t feel daunted by the thought of writing a review. Most folks are pretty general in the remarks. Take a peek on  Amazon ,scroll down to see what others have written.

Not to tax you TOO much, but if you could also copy and paste your review into the Barns and Noble site and if belong to Goodreads, there as well. :o)

Stay tuned for my next project which will be to transform thrift store finds into a fabulous frock!!!




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