Heavy Metal to Midriff Melody

Welcome to #4 Heavy Metal to Midriff Melody this month’s~

trash to treasure banner

I unearthed this “Treasure” at the Salvation Army on 96th Street.

 gold front midrift back

They were just about to put it on the floor when I snagged it for a cool $24.99. Expensive for me, but I thought it just might be worth it. We’ll see…

The dress is obviously too BIG for me. So I decided to hack it up!


I thought making separate pieces would make the dress more wearable and more versatile. (Face it, that’s a WHOLE lot of BLING!)

So I looked for some inspiration~

sequens   Gwenth P

Okey Dokey. I am inspired. (BTW, the gal on the lefts legs CANNOT be that LONG.)

I begin with the crop top. I lay out the bodice and cut the sides to form “cap” sleeves, sew the side seams, remove the sequins in the selvage, and then clip the curve:

(*Any curved seam must be clipped in order to  allow for movement and shape.)

IMG_5799   IMG_5801   IMG_5802

Next I cut off extra fabric at the hem. Then I make a facing and sew it to the bottom edge, and hand stich the hem. I do this for the raw selvage on the armholes as well. Lastly, I cut off the ties at the shoulder and move them to the back bottom as a new closure. Finito!

IMG_5806   IMG_5804

Now for the skirt. Again,–too big. So I rip out most of the zipper, and then remove the sequins that I will not need. I tack the zipper back in its new place and then sew. I also sew a facing into the waistband to finish that raw edge.


Hummm…I have extra pieces left over (the big dolman-type sleeves.) I can’t stand not to use them. So, I use one to make another handkerchief halter-like top.

handkerchief making

My only purchase for this project was the dress, so I am all in at:

Dress………$24.99 (no tax)                                                                                                      SWEET! Considering I made a skirt, a crop top, and a handkerchief  top.                         (And I have another sleeve left over for something else.)

So, what do you think??

(remember, you can click on any photo to see it bigger. Just don’t go too big on the face!)

crop top front crop top back

Crop Top

Handkerchief stretched  handkerchief draped   handkerchief back

Handkerchief Top two ways: stretched (left) and draped (middle).                                (I added a peacock feather detail on the shoulder. It had originally been on a hair band.)

silk tied  silk belted

Simple Silk Blouse.

Now you all weigh in. Was I successful? If so, which look do you like best?

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Thanks for stopping by!

Tune in Next month on April 14th for my next Trash to Treasure!

If you haven’t picked up The Dressmaker’s Duke, it is available at:

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