Say YES to the Dress #2 The Reveal!

July 14th!

Our gown is finished and

Mad for the Marquess

is now out!

My little book that could is up to #491 in the Historical Victorian category. Will you help it get to #1? Just click


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But now lets get to the dress!

I cut out and added the Tulip sleeve,

 then put in the boning, added a zipper (ok, using a zipper is a cheat, but I WILL change it to grommets and laces as soon as I get the time)            and then added a bit of~


I found these for $1 on the street and pulled off the lace and dyed them in tea~

and Voila!



Again, depending on the light, the dress appears gold and then sliver. If you zoom in (by clicking on the picture) you will see the fabric detail which is blueish. Opalescent!

As I mentioned in my past post this dress can be changed by adding to it. Here is a sleeve option~


Many thanks to my photographer,

Lori Clifford, who patently fluffed

and generally played lady’s maid~


Thank you all for helping me construct this frock. In the next week or so there will be a second phase to this project. When you read the book you will understand the impetus  behind this next dress.

Other places to get my book:

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AND, if you shoot me a copy of your purchase receipt, you will be entered to win a handmade gift!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!


She took the three steps to close the gap between them, this girl-woman with her soulful liquid-brown eyes and quietly elegant bearing. His head throbbed and his nerves ratcheted up until he thought his heart might burst through its cage of bone.

~ from Mad for the Marquess




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