Say “Yes” to the Dress!

In my Regency romance, The Dressmaker’s Duke, (out September 26th) my Heroine, Olivia Weston, is, well, a dressmaker. To help launch the book I have decided to create a Regency gown from scratch, just as Olivia would have done.

Imagine sewing everything by hand, in poor light, without even a dress form. And then, after working your fingers to the bone creating this stunning gown, you can’t even get your rich client to pay up. Well, my poor heroine goes through such a trial. The good news is her money troubles throw her smack up against my monkish, but oh-so-sexy Duke.

So, I thought it only fitting that as Olivia’s creator, I should have to step into her slippers.

Below are some examples of the dress I have in mind. It will have an underskirt and then an overdress in some sheer fabric.

net gown 1 pink underskirt and net overlay back pink underskirt and net overlay

Wedding dress croppedI have been sewing all my life. Which was one of the reasons I wanted to write about a dressmaker. Here is my wedding dress:

(no pattern, just a plaster bust of myself stuck on the end of a broom as a dress form–but that is a whole other story, believe me.)

Now I need your help!

Each week you can help me decide which designer elements to implement and follow me through my journey of “building” my dress.


The first task is to choose the underskirt color:

Fabric shopping

You will have one week to vote before we move on to the next design opportunity (there will be five in total-I think). However, if you vote and leave a comment for all five options you will be entered into the pool and the winner will receive a handmade gift! Hint: It is smaller than a breadbox.

Thank you!!!


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6 Responses to Say “Yes” to the Dress!

  1. Jackie P says:

    I liked blush pink for the underskirt, for just a hint of demure…


  2. abby ross says:

    How fun is this!!!


  3. J Griffin says:

    I suppose the sassy lass would want to be noticed in plum purple!


  4. Mary P. says:

    Bluish Pink is so unique and soft. That color gets my vote.


  5. I like Wedgewood Blue!


  6. I voted for blush pink, but also had to add that your wedding gown was gorgeous! I can’t believe you made that without a pattern–even WITH a pattern, I’d find it a daunting project. I’m so impressed!


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