Say YES to the Dress #2

And the winner of the underskirt is……

Blush PINK!

A very tight race!

My cousin voted purple for her favorite team, the Ravens. One practical “What would Jane Austin do” gal voted for Wedgewood because she felt it would show less wear. My husband, who signed his name “the Duke” voted for blush pink because of my demureness. (BTW, he is color blind.)

I will begin sewing the under-dress pronto! And have it to show you next Thursday.

But, now we move on to the all-important over-dress.

Your choices are:



organza 2


Again, you have one week to get your vote in. Remember if you comment (includes emails) and vote on every poll, you will be entered to win a handmade gift.



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2 Responses to Say YES to the Dress #2

  1. It’s hard to decide because all three would be beautiful, but I chose chiffon because it’s the softest and floatiest–and, you know, your demureness. But I’m assuming you’d include some kind of embroidery or edge treatment with chiffon or organza, which wouldn’t be necessary if you used lace, so I’m curious to see how the vote comes out.


  2. Alyssa, I love how you have imagined this gown. I have had several folks who have designed the dress-“Lace with chiffon sleeves and skirt.”


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