Say YES to the Dress #4

We have come to the final design element: the sleeve.

But first~

The winner of the neckline shape is…


Square (Lizzy) was Very close with Vee (Jane), but Lizzy won out! Doesn’t she always? (I mean Jane is lovely, but, let’s face it, we all would rather be Lizzy than her dear, older sister. Besides, Bingley is not nearly the hotty that Darcy is.)

 Voila! Behold the underdress with the skirt:


Now on to your last task, the sleeve:

sleeve with buttons             sleeve detail 1tulip sleeve

We are getting close to the finish now. Please leave a comment with your vote and you will be entered to win a handmade gift. Hint: it’s useful and smaller than a bread box.

And remember, The Dressmaker’s Duke, is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon! Print version to come soon!


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4 Responses to Say YES to the Dress #4

  1. Lennie Loftin says:

    I voted for #2 because I really would’ve voted for #1, but I’m 0 for 3 so I decided to choose the opposite of what I normally would’ve chosen :-/


  2. Jackie P says:

    I like the button sleeve for its “just a peak” aspect.


  3. Veronique says:

    The button sleeve is sexy!!! The poof is not and the ruffle is too busy to be sexy. Button button button


  4. I voted for #3 (tulip) but I think I’m mostly responding to the fullness of that sleeve compared to the closer fit of the other two sleeves, especially #1. Really they’re all lovely!


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