Say YES to the Dress #3

And the winner for the over-dress is…


IMG_4127 IMG_4128

Lots of rather naughty responses about “Organdy” (you know who you are.) I guess I am asking for that kind of behavior being a writer of “bodice rippers.” Another thoughtful comment was that organdy might wrinkle easily when the duke flips up Olivia’s skirts! We also had a few designers~ “How about a lace bodice and hemline with a chiffon skirt?”

And here is the finished under-dress:


Next we move on to the neckline.

The Bennett gals have kindly offered to be models. Jane~Vee, Kitty~Round, Lizzy~Square

Vee, round, square

Once again, thanks for all your input. Please leave a comment and vote every week and you will be entered to win a handmade gift!



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2 Responses to Say YES to the Dress #3

  1. Lennie Loftin says:

    Vee. Definitely Vee.


  2. I think I’m voting a bit late for my vote to count, but I love the square neckline.


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