Say YES to the Dress #2 Bodice takes Shape

And the winner of the Bodice shape is:

“V” waistline and “V” neckline!

So on we go. The pattern shows two views, one with a ruched front placket, and one with “Reveres” (which is a sort of lapel). I am going to make an executive decision and try the Reveres version mainly because I think it will accentuate the waistline better than the ruched version. ( OK, I thought better of it and am just doing a plain version. Sometimes less is more.)

The skirt I will simply pleat (for now) the embellishments will come later! Cartridge pleats were used quite a bit in the 1850’s and 60’s. I am doing a somewhat flatter version that is a lot less time consuming.


Thank heavens for the sewing machine! Nearly eight yards of fabric to hand pleat was enough without having to hand-sew the pleats in place.


I cut out the lining and basted it together and then draped it onto the dress form to adjust the measurements. Then I took apart my lining (after marking it), cut out the taffeta and then basted the lining to each piece of taffeta. (this is not sexy work, but it  saves time in the end.)

Then I sewed the pieces together. And Voila! Definitely the sexy quotient is uped as we begin to see our vision come into fruition.

It is so interesting how light hits this dress. It can look silver and then, in a different light, it appears golden. I love this dichotomy, because my hero, Devlin, is a painter and is very attuned to light. Also, the opalescence of this dress plays into another theme in the book. (but you will have to BUY the book to understand. :o))

I still have some finishing to do to this bodice~boning, neckline and the hem at the waistline, but ostensibly it is done. And also need to add a waistband and hem the skirt. (not so much a “just” when you are hemming 8 yards.) Whew!

Now we move on the the SLEEVES! What do you imagine for this gown?



Two weeks until the release of Mad for the Marquess! Remember to VOTE! I will be posting the results on Friday!

“Right. Why do I paint devils?” He glanced at the spy hole. “The answer is simple, Miss Winton. Any good painter paints what is in his heart.” He felt suddenly exposed, as if he had come into a room without any clothes. He rushed to fill that empty yawning space—to cover himself. “There, not so exciting or illuminating, is it? The truth rarely is.”

“I do not believe that is your truth,” she said without hesitation.

~ from Mad for the Marquess



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