Say YES to the Dress #2 “Puttin’ on the Glitz”

One week until Mad for the Marquess is released!

So let’s get to the Glitz!

But first,

The winner of the SLEEVE is:


A good choice because it is simple and can easily be added to if so desired. Many of these gowns had lots of “add-ons” ~ a second bodice, long sleeves, a collar. A gown like this was expensive so most women knew how to change it up to be worn on multiple occasions.

Now we consider the embellishments. Victorian gowns were often loaded with gewgaws and trimmings. Also, the pattern of the fabric was often used to accentuate a small waist and belled skirt.

To my mind, the fabric of this gown is the real star. It doesn’t need a lot of glitz. But maybe you all think otherwise? What would you like to see on the sleeve? The bodice? The skirt? Here are some ideas:

This last dress looks like an over done wedding cake! Actually it was part of the inspiration for a chapter in Mad for the Marquess where Anne, my heroine, is introduced to society. (If you’ll remember I alluded to a fairy godmother who is no Oscar de la Renta.)

So, what would you like to see?

Or, please write in as what you might like to see. Perhaps send a picture?

Now I ask for your support.

It is tough being your own marketer, but I am hoping to get enough sales on Amazon to get on the “HOT NEW RELEASES” bar. Would you help me?

Some things you can do to support:

  • BUY the book! Kindle or paperback. (If you don’t have an e-reader, or prefer to read on your iPad or computer, HERE is an app you download.)
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  • GIFT the book! A good summer read (and about what a fancy coffee costs!)
  • SHARE to your family and friends who like romance.


  • When you are on my book site on Amazon, you will see in PRODUCT DETAILS an Amazon ranking. The Dressmaker’s Duke hung out at number 2-5 for about three months in the Regency category! Would you help me get Mad for the Marquess there as well? Hopefully we can watch it get towards #1 together!
  • When an Amazon employee was asked,“What’s the most helpful thing an author can do to improve conversion of their book page?” This is what she said:
    “By far, the most important thing an author can do is get more customer reviews.”

    So, if you love a good toe-wriggling romance, OR just want to support my book, please click


Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes to buy now!

 “You are naïve and not so wise if you think this rather tame outward package reflects what lies within,” he whispered. But he was lying. For other than his wildly beating heart he had never felt so peaceful inside.

~from Mad for the Marquess

As always, thank you!







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