Curtains, and Covers, and Skirts, Oh My!

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Curtains and Covers and Skirts,

Oh My!


So what to wear? What to wear? What to WEAR?

The Romance Writers of America’s RITA® AWARDS loom and I know I promised you  a variety of pretty frocks for your approval. But that was before I got my CRAZY idea. One night, not so long ago, when I couldn’t sleep, I thought, “Gee, anyone can wear a lovely gown and it will be memorable for about two minutes and then forgotten.” So, I thought I’d make something a little bit~well~memorable.

There are about 80 other gals up various awards in the Rita® contest. I wanted to celebrate ALL of us who were lucky enough to be finalists. (HERE is a list of all the nominees and categories.)

SO, my Idea~to print every one of the nominated book covers on a piece of fabric and then appliqué them onto a skirt.

But HOW? How to print the covers? Well, I googled it, (I Google just about everything I want to try), but the various techniques seemed too labor-intensive, too expensive, and the transfers, too dense and stiff looking.

So, while visiting my son in Cambridge, staying with my friend Lavanya and her family. I mentioned my dilemma to her. Lavanya is an up-and-coming designer. (Click HERE to go her to web site to see her fabulous creations.) She has many resources in India and has recently started printing her own line of scarves inspired by New York Graffiti. (as always, you can click on the photo to enlarge.)

Anyway, I thought, in for a penny in for a pound, so I ask her if she might be willing to take a stab at printing these covers. She kindly agreed. So I formatted the covers and turned them over to her and her team in India.

Well, the first go around the fabric literally burned up in the printer. I thought, “Well, nice idea, but it’s not going to work out.” Undaunted, her printer gave it another shot.

Just last week I received a small package in the mail.




Yes! The fabric was just what I wanted~more muted and, more importantly, in one piece!

Printing solved!



Next, the skirt.

Whenever I  am in Maryland visiting my mom we have to make our AMVETS “run.” I happened to find three panels of silver-gray curtains made by IKEA.

These beauties were $6 and 25% off. Deal! Done!

The panels would make the base of my skirt. Now I just had to futz around and find the right shape and how and where to apply the covers.

I ended up pleating the skirt to look sort of like bookshelves. The pleating also gave the skirt more body.



Then I cut out each cover (eesh!) folding it like a book, and then placed them in rows following the pleating.

I will use a second panel as an underskirt to give the skirt more volume and movement. Then, I will pleat the top of both layers and affix them to a waist band. (I keep thinking of the fabulous Carol Burnett spoof on Gone with the Wind.)

At the same visit to AMVETS I saw some shinny cigarette-like pants. I snapped them up. Several years ago, my friend Victoria gave me a black, satin bustier. Perfect! I will use that with the pants and then the skirt will go over everything.


Now shoes. At a fabulous store at Savage Mill in Laurel, Maryland I discovered Charity’s Closet. A store where everything is $5! (You can imagine my excitement. And, the best part, the proceeds all go to disadvantaged men and women seeking employment. Win, Win!) I spotted these crazy shoes and dared to try to walk in them. Not sooo bad, so I plopped down my money.

Now whether I can actually wear these suckers for an entire evening, well, your guess is as good as mine. But frankly my money is on the little beauties below which I call my Cinderella slippers.

Perhaps they might bring me good luck?

After all, being included with my fellow nominees,

I feel a bit like  Cinderella!

Thanks so much to all of you who braved the machinations of voting for Mad for the Marquess in the RONE AWARDS. Unfortunately, we did not make to the final round, but I so appreciate your time and energy.

And finally, thank you again to Lavanya Coodly (my fairy Godmother!) and her team!

Next week I will post the final look where everything (I hope) comes together!

Wish me luck on the 19th!

As always, thanks for tuning in!




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