Trash to Treasure

Welcome to my first installment of :

trash to treasure banner

In keeping with my Dressmaker theme very second Tuesday of the month I will be featuring a project where I take something that I have bought for a song, or gotten for free, and turn it into something different–better?

You will be the judge!

Here is my first attempt:

I got this dress at a Church thrift store on 96th St. It cost a whopping $7.50

tag with price

Below I am modeling the “BEFORE”. (excuse the panty line, no make-up and messy hair.)

Trash to T before dress frontTrash to T before dress back

I decided the dress looked too heavy with the sleeve. Besides the sleeve opening was very tight:

tight sleeve

I also thought the hem was just a tad too long for me.

So, I began by chopping off the sleeves:

cutting sleevecut sleeve

Then I clipped into the sleeve selvage in order to turn the leftover bit of sleeve under the arm hole and then whip stitched the whole thing closed. Easy

Next I turned the hem up one notch and whip stitched that as well:

hemming dress

Here is the finished “AFTER” Dress! I added a belt (99cents) and my own shoes.

Trash to T dress frontTrash to T dress back

Total cost: $7.50 for the dress and .99 cents for the belt to total $8.49

So, let me know what you think! Is it BETTER or WORSE?

Don’t be shy, I can take your criticism. (Believe me, I have botched a few things in my day.) Or perhaps you would have done something different? A cap sleeve? A mini? I know you frustrated designers are out there. I loved hearing your ideas for my Regency “Say Yes to the Dress” gown now is your chance to speak out.

I could have made a belt out of the leftover sleeve fabric, but I liked the metallic pop of the thrift one, so I used that. (Also, less work!)

I think without the sleeves this dress is more versatile:

IMG_4988 IMG_4990IMG_4991IMG_4993

Next month, January 13th, I will be doing something a bit more ambitious. I am going to take a 1960’s ish floor length velvet evening coat and turn it into a  1810ish Regency Redingote. (Points to anyone who knows why this particular garment is called a Redingote.)

Here is a teaser:

Redingote_a_la_hussarRedingote front before

1800’s Redingote                           1960’s evening coat

Tune in on Tuesday the 13th of January to see the transformation!

And remember, The Dressmaker’s Duke is helping Dress for Success all this month. Buy a copy and a portion of the proceeds go to the charity!




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2 Responses to Trash to Treasure

  1. nevaknott says:

    I love this project! Too bad you hadn’t begun when we cleaned out mom’s closets… from the 70s, 80s, and 90s!


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