Let the embellishments begin!

We are up to 16 Reviews!

7 days left to get to our goal of 50!

Who will win the handmade prize?

Shoot me an email to let me know you have purchased the book and I will enter your name into the drawing. Your name will go in twice if you write a review!

Now, we get back to our gown.

I have begun embellishing!

Here is some of the


I have gathered~




And below, I have added a flounce around the neckline. (Thanks to Chris for his donations)~



And then I added two “panniers” in purple silk to the skirt. (And merci to Amy for her huge round tablecloth!) All I did was open the seams and use the round edges. (This lovely fabric WILL be reused in a Trash to Treasure segment. But for now it graces our gown.)




So, is this ENOUGH? Do we need more swags and ribbons, flowers and lace? Remember, this dress needs to stop traffic (and not in a good way.)

Thanks so much for hanging with me!

If you haven’t picked up the book it is available here~

Amazon BN Kobo iTunes

And please take a moment to review on Amazon, and Goodreads! Just scroll down to the reviews on the Mad for the Marquess page and it will give you a bubble to click to write a review, Click and then submit. So easy! (and so appreciated!)


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