Schmaltz and more Schmaltz!

Schmaltz: cloying or exaggerated.

(Also means, rendered chicken fat. Well, our dress is definitely getting fatter!)

We are up to 23 reviews!

Again, thanks so much to those who have posted.

It is a rather longish book, and I know folks are really busy, so I am extending our deadline to next week in the hopes of getting to the magic 50.

But what about our ball gown? A few folks voted to STOP the embellishing, but most wanted MORE

You asked for it, you got it!

I added roses and swags to the ruffle around the neck. Then I added another layer of gold fabric and the pink tule to the panniers. AND edged them with lace and THEN swagged them and added yet another rose. (You can click on the picture to see up close and personal.)

So, are we done yet?

Or, is MORE,


Thanks again for stopping by.

If you haven’t bought Mad for the Marquess the links are below~

Amazon BN Kobo iTunes

Also, The Dressmaker’s Duke is now 99 cents!



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